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More Nigerian Schools to Get Thinking School Accreditation, courtesy of Greensprings Training College

More Nigerian Schools to Get Thinking School Accreditation, courtesy of Greensprings Training College

The Thinking School education approach is new in Nigeria, but due to how it is reinforcing schools’ curriculum across the world, more Nigerian schools are adopting it. The education approach was first embraced in Nigeria in 2018 by Greensprings School, and now Grenville Schools in Lagos and Evergreen School in Enugu are also on their way to becoming certified Thinking Schools, courtesy of Greensprings Training College (GTC).

Enugu GTC

Ms. Adetola Omolade and Mr Abraham Ogunkambi and the drive team of Evergreen School, Enugu during the commencement of the school’s Thinking School accreditation journey.

Explaining the importance of Thinking School accreditation, Mr Abraham Ogunkambi, our head of school and one of the programme’s national trainers, said the aim of the programme is to help schools build a community in which their students, teachers and even parents can become pragmatic problem solvers. He said, “Becoming a Thinking School comes with lots of advantages. The modules of the training focus on teaching staff how they can become better thinkers; they also learn how they can teach students to think critically, creatively, and objectively to solve both academic and life problems.”

“Aside from that,” he continued, “the Thinking School programme helps improve students’ academic performance and reduces behavioural problems. The reason for this is that the programme teaches students to think about the consequences of their actions and inactions, thereby making them to be responsible for the outcomes.”

Mr Ogunkambi also revealed the procedure of becoming a Thinking School, stating that it is an 18-month journey. “It takes 18 months to become certified, and within that period, Thinking School national trainers would train the drive team of the school to equip them with the skills, resources and techniques that will enable them to pass this knowledge to their colleagues, for onward training of their students and in some cases, their parents are trained as well,” he remarked.

Thinking School is an initiative of the University of Exeter in collaboration with Thinking Matters. Greensprings Training College is the official training partner for Thinking School in Nigeria.

 Click here to learn more about Thinking School and contact us if you also want your school to be accredited for the programme.