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Thinking Schools Nigeria (TSN)


A whole-school approach to the teaching of Thinking

Thinking Schools Nigeria (TSN) provides a unique system of support to teachers and whole schools who want to develop thinking environments. Adopting different pathways for thinking, this is a sustainable, whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking. It is a tried-and-tested way of ensuring that all students become effective ‘higher-order’ thinkers with student centred thinking at its heart.

In partnership with Thinking Matters, the Drive Team in each school will be in a position to offer tailored support to the teachers and the wider community who commit to taking on a whole school approach to the teaching of thinking. Once thinking is embedded across the whole school successfully, there is the opportunity to gain formal accreditation as a ’Thinking School’ by the University of Exeter.

By adopting this approach, evidence has shown that there is a significant and permanent impact on the pupils, teachers and the school. Key benefits include:

  • Raised academic attainment, motivation and creativity of pupils
  • Development of skilled, independent, adaptable and reflective learners
  • Significantly improved teaching results and lesson quality
  • Raised teacher motivation and morale
  • Vibrant, collaborative learning environments are created
  • A common thinking language throughout the school is created whole school transformation, through the creation of ‘ownership’ in teaching and learning
  • Development of thinking skills to suit the needs of 21st century learners, future leaders and decision-makers

Journey to be a Thinking School

  • The journey is a minimum of 18 months; five sessions of eight days training.
  • Final visit by Thinking School Nigeria and evidence of using Thinking School Nigeria philosophy and approach will qualify a school to become part of the Thinking Schools Nigeria (TSN) Network.


Step 1 (Duration: 3 days)

  • 1st Visit: School leaders to visit Greensprings School to see and understand exemplary practice as premise of being a Thinking School.
  • Orientation, Support in establishing Drive Team and training on Growth Mindset, Introduction to Thinking Points Part 1 (Visual Tools for Thinking)


Step 2 (Duration: 2 days) – To be done four months after completing step 1

  • Thinking Points Part 2 and De Bono’s Thinking Hat


Step 3 (Duration: 1 day) – To be done four months after completing step 2

  • Disposition for Mindfulness (Habit of Mind) Training


Step 4 (Duration: 1 day) – To be done four months after completing step 3

  • Questioning (Bloom Taxonomy, 3 story, Q Matrix, Autograph)


Step 5 (Duration: 1 day) – To be done six months after completing step 4

  • Questioning for Enquiry. Using Enquiry Approach- (Enquiry-Based Learning) & Reflective Action Process (RAP)


TSN offers the following additional support throughout the process:

  • Visit to Greensprings School for lesson and classroom observations
  • On-site Visits, Monitoring and Feedback

Greensprings Training College, 22 Oluseun Crescent, Off Olujobi Street, Gbagada Lagos, Nigeria

For enquiries, please contact: 08023468228, 08184204253, 08030513830

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