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MACTE On-Site Verification Exercise at Greensprings Montessori Centre (GMC), Gbagada Lagos

Greensprings Montessori Centre (GMC), Gbagada Lagos has been functioning as a Montessori Teacher training Centre since 2008 by organising 3-Day annual Easter Montessori workshop. GMC became a full-fledged Montessori teacher training Centre in 2016 and has been training Adult learners for the award of International Diploma in Montessori education. A historic occasion was witnessed between […]

August 2017 Literacy workshop

The Literacy workshop organised by Greensprings Training College on Saturday 5 August 2017 was attended by many Educators; it was very successful. The topics considered are: Montessori language curriculum, Drama in Nursery, Creative writing, story reading and writing skill in nursery school.

Mathematics Workshop at GTC

Mathematics Workshop was a huge success at Greensprings Training College on Saturday 30 September 2017. It featured ‘Effective Teaching of Maths in the Nursery and Primary School’. Many of the over 80 participants who attended from different parts of Nigeria attested to the relevance of the training. They learnt many skills, techniques and Activity-based lessons […]

Examinations at GMC

Adult learners took both Written and Practical examinations at Greensprings Montessori Centre (GMC), Lagos in October 2016. They were examined in the theoretical and curriculum areas as part of their Early Childhood Montessori Diploma programme at GMC.

GMC Graduation Ceremony 2016/17

Greensprings Montessori Centre (GMC), Lagos graduation ceremony for the first set of Adult learners who had Early Childhood Montessori Diploma from the Centre took place on Saturday 28 January 2017. Eighteen adult learners graduated with Distinctions and Merits in their Diploma. The programme was attended by Mrs Lai Koiki, Executive Director, Greensprings School,Senior Leadership Team […]