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Teaching And Learning



At GMC, teaching and learning department will focus on the following:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents


The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning is a major training unit at Greensprings Training College, Lagos.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs) provide a strong framework to support the effective continuing professional development of teachers and leaders.

They help teachers and educational leaders to: • engage critically with relevant concepts, principles, theories and international best practices • apply new ideas and approaches in reflective practice in their own teaching and learning context • evaluate experiences and outcomes to plan further development • improve the quality of their teaching and leadership to enhance the quality of their learners’ learning.

PDQs are designed to be integrated into schools’ professional development planning, activities and culture. They help schools to improve, through cost-effective, sustainable programmes which benefit teachers and their learners. They demonstrate to parents, the school community and stakeholders that the school values and nurtures staff development.

What is the purpose of the Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning?

The Certificate and Diploma are designed to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice, and enhance the quality of their teaching and learning. Reflective practice is enriched by critical engagement with new ideas and approaches.

Who are the qualifications for?

The Certificate and Diploma are for practising teachers. They focus on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in the key aspects of teaching and learning. They are inclusive and relevant to all teaching and learning contexts: from primary and secondary general education, to adult and higher education. They help teachers to explore and apply new ideas in their own context, integrate new approaches in their own practice, and demonstrate their professional development as reflective practitioners.

There are many different terms in use for ‘teacher’, ‘learner’, ‘learning context’ and ‘learning session’. In this syllabus, we refer to ‘teacher’, ‘learner’, ‘school’ and ‘lesson’ as generic terms. For assessment purposes, we also use ‘candidate’, where appropriate, to refer to the teacher preparing for the qualification.

Duration of the course: 4 to 5 months

Module 1 - 120 hours

  • 40 hours of guided learning (e.g. workshops, seminars and tutorials),
  • 40 hours of individual study and collaborative learning (e.g. reading, research and discussion) and
  • 40 hours of work-based learning supported by the school.

This training is opened to Graduate Trainees and practicing teachers in schools. There are Mentors for Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning already appointed at the Anthony and Lekki Campuses of Greensprings School Lagos

Teaching and learning- Duration (schedule) of training for other courses, workshops and seminars: One-day, Two-days, One week, Two months, etc.; on Saturdays or during the holidays

Target audience

  • Teachers- private and public schools
  • Partnership with Local or State Government),
  • Interested participants- banking, civil service, professionals who desire a career change, etc.
Training Topics for Teachers

  • Special Needs training
  • Classroom management and control
  • Child protection and safety
  • Early Years Foundation Programme
  • Effective teaching skills for educators
  • Classroom layout, display and decoration- Art and craft
  • Child care, health and nutrition
  • Emotional intelligence
  • 21st Century teaching techniques
  • First aid
  • Teaching Numeracy in the nursery
  • Teaching Literacy in the nursery
  • Handwriting seminar
  • Science experiment in the nursery
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Assessment strategies for teachers
  • Effective time management
  • Speech, language and communication development in children
  • Curriculum planning
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Mind mapping
  • Dealing with parents
  • Developmental milestones (stages) in children
  • Sensory development- Let’s Move It’ programme
  • Etiquette & comportment training
  • Problem-/Project-Based Learning
  • Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Technology in Education
  • Guided Reading in Elementary School
  • Story Reading for Language Development in Early Years
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Engaging Students in Learning
  • Effective Strategies for Instruction
  • Pastoral (boarding) training
  • Learning Support training
  • Public speaking skills

Facilitators for short courses

  • Senior staff of Greensprings
  • Other Facilitators- professionals, consultants, Lecturers from tertiary institutions, etc.

Training programme for Students

  • Leadership/Prefect training
  • Career or School choice programmes
  • On-line virtual learning trainings, etc.
  • Public speaking skills
  • Etiquette and comportment

Duration (schedule) of certificated training/workshop/seminar: short courses e.g. one-day, two-days, one week, etc.; on Saturdays or during the holiday

Parents- Teaching and learning training

At GTC, One day or a weekend retreat for parents and adults is being organized for interested participants.
Training Topics For Parents
01H 20M Lecture

  • Special Needs training
  • Child Development
  • Choice of School
  • Child safety and protection
  • Childhood illnesses and diseases
  • Child care, health and nutrition
  • Speech, language and communication development in children
  • Developmental milestones (stages) in children
  • Dealing with teenagers.

Instution GTC
Campus Gbagada
Duration Teachers (4 - 5 Months) Students (1 Day - 1 Week) Parents (1 Day or 1 Weekend)
Registration On Going

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