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Leadership and Business Education



Greensprings Training College (GTC) offers Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership

Learning outcomes

Unit 1 –

Understanding key concepts and theories of leadership. Learning outcome A: explain their understanding of leadership. Learning outcome B: critique a chosen sample of these ideas and theories. Learning outcome C: demonstrate an awareness of school leadership in other settings and countries. L earning outcome D: use a selection of the theories and ideas to reflect on their own leadership practices.


Unit 2 –

Defining successful educational leadership practice. Learning outcome E: articulate what they think successful leadership looks like, explaining why it looks like this and setting out what this means for them as a leader. Learning outcome F: demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the major findings and insights from educational leadership research in their own school and internationally. Learning outcome G: reflect on and explain the key lessons from their experience of leadership in relation to leadership theories and research evidence on successful school leadership. L earning outcome H: present the key skills they need to develop to be a successful leader in schools.

 Unit 3 –

Action planning for developing leadership. Learning outcome I: evaluate and select the ideas and leadership practices they should focus on and use in their leadership activities. L earning outcome J: develop a presentation of how they should apply these ideas and practices in their workplace settings. L earning outcome K: evaluate their own leadership practices in terms of strengths and areas for development – they should also identify a small number of priorities for their development as a leader. L earning outcome L: produce an action plan for their leadership practice in the future.

3 Assessment criteria: Introduction and reading list.

  • Assessment criterion 1 – Understanding educational leadership
  • Assessment criterion 2 – Developing thinking and practice in educational leadership
  • Assessment criterion 3 – Analysis and discussion
  • Assessment criterion 4 – Communication and presentation

Target Audience:

  • Management Staff- Heads of schools, head teachers, head of departments, etc.
  • Students in tertiary institution- undergraduate and graduate training programmes
  • Leaders/managers in other sectors- Accounts, Admin, Support Staff, etc.
  • Post graduate Diploma or certificate course(s)

Duration (schedule) of certificated training/workshop/seminar: short courses e.g. one-day, two-days, one week, three months, etc.; on Saturdays or during the holiday

Training Topics

  • Staff recruitment and retention
  • Budgeting in schools
  • School marketing dynamics
  • Leadership and Productivity,
  • Diploma and Certificate course in Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager
  • Certificate in Fundamentals of Project planning and Management

Instution GTC
Campus Gbagada
Duration one-day, two-days, one week, three months
Registration On Going

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